Bubble wands and bubble juice

Kids love bubbles! So why not try this project at home, and let your kids explore the fun of making these beautiful and fun crafts!

supplies for bubble wands:

  1. twigs about 6 in. long and a diameter of a pencil
  2. pipe cleaners
  3. yarn
  4. scissors

great project to do after spring cleaning your yard. First use a pipe cleaner to creat an “o” shape with a tail, by twisting the ends together. Note. If you want to make smaller more conventional “o”s, cut your pipe cleaner in half.  Then grab your yarn and match up the end with the tail of the pipe cleaner o.  Align both with the stick end, pointing downward. Begin wrapping your yarn tightly around all three.  This ensures your yard won’t unravel.  Keep wrapping all down the stick, until it is all covered.  Cut about 4 more inches of yarn as a tail to your wand. Male a loop with the yarn and feed through the remaining tail of yarn and pull firmly. You can repeat this step if you’d like. Cut excess and voila, a beautifully crafted bubble wand. Great for a birthday party craft.

bubble juice recipe

  1. 4 cups warm water
  2. 1/2 cup corn syrup
  3. 1 cup dawn dish soap

mix together warm water and corn syrup and stir gently until the syrup seems devolved. Add dawn soap and again stir gently. Take note not to agitate too much as to not create too many suds.  Transfer to a container like a soda bottle and let stand for 24 hours…the longer the bubble juice sits, the firmer the bubbles!

Have fun with this project. And come back to our site and leave us a comment of your experience!


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